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Dr. Rahim Valani
Medical and Research Advisor
Dr. Rahim Valani has been practicing emergency medicine in some of Canada’s busiest emergency departments for over 18 years. Through his positions with St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto), Brampton Civic Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences, Dr. Valani has led teams to respond to the changing needs of patients, communities, and the healthcare system. A recognized change agent, he has worked locally, nationally and internationally to learn, research, design and lead improvements to the delivery of emergency medicine as well as the supporting systems, structures, and processes. His innovative approaches have helped to relieve some of the significant pressures faced by our healthcare systems while concurrently raising the bar on quality to ensure Ontarians receive exceptional and timely care. Dr. Valani has worked with teams across Canada and around the globe to facilitate knowledge exchanges and collaborated on the development of the first international standards for pediatric emergency medicine.