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Dr. David Chartrand

Dr. David Chartrand, LL.D. (hons), O.M.

Dr. David Chartrand is the longest serving President of the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF).  In this recent election, he was elected by acclamation and will be serving an unprecedented seventh consecutive term.  He has advanced the cause of the Métis Nation at the provincial and national levels while working to improve opportunities for all Manitobans.

Under his leadership, the MMF has experienced tremendous growth in self-government capacity, direct-services for the Manitoba Metis Community, and increased the annual program and operation budgets of the MMF from approximately $190,000 annually in 1997 to over $80 million present-day.  He has developed Metis Human Resource Capacity from 3 staff in 1997 to well over 750 staff today.

As President, he championed Metis Land Claims and harvesting rights. With his dedication, the Manitoba Metis won the 2013 Supreme Court Decision on the Manitoba Metis Land Claims.  President Chartrand also established the traditional Metis laws for hunting and harvesting, in accordance with the Goodon Decision of 2009 and the 2003 Powley Supreme Court decision both of which resulted in negotiating and signing the 2012 Manitoba – MMF Harvesting Agreement.  This recognizes Metis hunting and fishing rights and established the Conservation Trust Fund to enhance and protect conservation in Manitoba.