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Alison Ruks
Senior Vice President
With over 15 years as an experienced leader in both cannabis and natural health industries, Alison specializes in executive leadership, strategic planning, project management, product development, marketing and communications, and human resources.
With early foresight into the rising trends of plant-based medicine and a passion for health, she began her career studying natural medicine in 2001. After starting her first business in her early 20s in the natural health industry, she further expanded her business acumen by pursuing a business degree – graduating with honours – from the University of British Columbia.
With a combined passion for health, wellness and business, she shortly thereafter became certified as a Chartered Human Resources Professional with a goal of fostering positive, healthy, and productive workplaces.
After spending 4 years as an executive in the burgeoning cannabis industry, Alison has recently combined her education, expertise, and experience in natural health, cannabis, and business to provide executive leadership as the Senior Vice President alongside the team at Green Mountain Health Alliance.