About us


Green Mountain Health Alliance will be a large scale wholesaler of high quality cannabis products serving the global wholesale market. We will achieve this by using sustainable, high tech, high efficiency, integrated systems, partnering with the best in the industry and working with the First Nations to bring benefits to all stakeholders.

Our goal is to build a sustainable model that can be implemented among other First Nation’s communities throughout Canada.

Own a piece of the Okanagan – Grow Green.



Green Mountain’s cannabis will grow naturally, in greenhouses to benefit from the Okanagan sunlight. This will allow three growing cycles a year and provides us with one of the lowest cost structure per gram of production. Our use of mold and bacteria free clone and advanced production technologies prevent batch rejections and minimise losses and produce premium quality cannabis.

Innovation is at the core of design, to deliver sustainable production practices, including waste water and waste heat recycling and high efficiency equipment. This will benefit the environment but also delivers operational cost savings.

The facilities have been designed to deliver high quality product by installing integrated systems with the highest standards of controls and HVAC fully automated integrated systems to deliver a consistent, quality product.


The Okanagan Valley, in south-central B.C., is one of the world’s great wine regions, home to over 200 vineyards. Warm, dry, sunny environment for nine months a year — perfect for growing grapes … and cannabis! The company has secured over 140 acres with the potential for over 1,000,000 square feet of growing space. The first site will be 200,000 square foot facility on a 16 acre parcel, built into the natural landscape to give a 40,000 square foot underground nursery for seedling nurturing, staff/office facility, shipping, process, R&D, extraction and 150,000 square foot for plant maturing and 10,000 square foot for offices and training facilities.

The second 98 acre site on First Nation land, will include a 600,000 square foot facility with further room to expand. The final facility, near to both the first two properties will also be on First Nation land. The 150,000 square foot facility on 34 acres is anticipated to be built within thirty months, making Green Mountain one of the largest, low-cost cannabis facilities in North America.

The Okanagan Valley has been a centre for agricultural innovation and excellence, supported by leading suppliers and human capacity. Locating our properties in the Okanagan will allow Green Mountain to leverage this expertise and hire great staff at every level.


Green Mountain Health Alliance Ltd. has cultivated a strong leadership team and works with top industry professionals such as CanGenX Biotech and Wilson Security Consulting. The senior management team has sought out the best team to build and manage the facilities. Our Head Grower is a highly experienced commercial grower who has expertise in managing a diverse team of employees, providing them with strong leadership and ensuring continued training and development to ensure low turnover and loyal staff.

This combined experience is a significant asset as we design our facility and work with Health Canada to gain regulatory approvals and the construction of high tech facilities and development of cultivation methodology; robust security based standard operating procedures; quality assurance standards; and customer acquisition strategy.


We are committed to supporting First Nations to participate in the broad economy and business activities on their territories that bring benefits to the people. We will create jobs and training for First Nations. We will give equity and / or financial return to the stakeholders providing employment to First Nation people to increase their standard of living.